Occasionally we have a visiting speaker who is a published author or poet.  Some are first-timers who’ve been recommended to us and some are regulars who keep coming back for more!  They have the knack of challenging, motivating and entertaining us, making for a very enriching experience.

Read on for details of our upcoming programme, and get in touch via our Contact page if you wish to attend.  Writing prompts are suggested against each meeting date, but these are entirely optional.

We also have occasional social events such as Open Mic evenings and quizzes, as well as a belated Christmas lunch in January.

February – April 2019 Programme

03. Wolverhampton Literature Festival
05. Whispers (Betty chairing)
12. The Windmill Cafe (Keith S chairing)
19. Off the Rails (Io chairing)
26. I saw her standing there (Roger chairing)

05. The Lost Appointment Card (John chairing)
12. View from the Window (Liz chairing)
19. Ouija (Pat chairing)
26. Simon Fletcher – workshop (Stan chairing)

02. Unhinged (Mike A chairing)
09. Longer Days (Anne chairing)
16. Emma Purshouse – workshop (Trevor chairing)
23. No meeting
30. Little Things (Katherine chairing)